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25% of the net proceeds from the sale of these booklet will be donated to the

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Author / Compiler, Jeff C. Campbell has developed two new booklets as background information to the Sand Creek Massacre studies entitled; “1st Regiment Cavalry, Colorado Volunteers” and “3rd Regiment Cavalry, Colorado Volunteers.”  He has compiled rolls of both regiments for use by researchers, genealogists and students of Colorado History.  He said, “This is one aspect of a continuing process I began in 2002 while investigating events on Sand Creek of November 29 through December 1, 1864.  The focus is to identify the approximately 675 members of the two regiments involved or rule out who was not there.  Of course many anecdotal pieces of information have been found and I have attempted to detail them in these books.”

Campbell, formerly a criminal investigator, outlines pertinent events and documents that lead to the creation and organization of both in his introductions.  “I have not tried to write a comprehensive history of the 1st “Gilpin’s Pet Lambs” or the 3rd “The Hundred Dazers” but create a resource for those who are interested in the subject.” 

 When asked why these rosters are unique, he explained, “There are several websites and good sources of information out there in printed or electronic form, but nowhere that I have found, is there a comprehensive, corroborated listing of either sorted by companies nor that include 1st Regiment information from Hollister’s 1863, Boldly They Rode and other memoirs, testimonies and interviews like Irving Howbert’s or Morse Coffin’s works or even from graves registration.  I think, I have collected a substantial amount of information and I wanted to pass it on although more is to be compiled.  Too many researchers sit on their amassed information and it becomes lost.  There will be updated editions in the future, as well as booklets dealing with other subjects.”

To clarify his intentions he states; “First, it is not the purpose of this booklet to detail the general privations, training or conditions of this regiment, nor is it the purpose to give a detailed history of it or the politics involved in its use or manipulation, however, the means by which it came to be should be understood.  Second, the purpose of these booklets is not to discuss the causes or effects of the Sand Creek Massacre or Battle, nor to determine whether or not it was a massacre or battle, but to attempt to identify who in the regiments were there on November 29 – December 1, 1864 or to rule out an individual's probability for being there by cause of death, assignment or term of service.  In doing that one of the generalizations about the event can be debunked.  Thus, it is the purpose to narrow the field of potential witness / participants through that process.  Regardless of the past or present politics surrounding the event, the importance is to understand the event and the human aspects of it.”

He also added that his intention is to clear up the overused misconception that either unit was “militia.”  “The 1st and 3rd were United States Volunteers, federalized, Union troops serving under a federal military chain of command from the District of Colorado to the Department of Kansas through the Secretary of War and President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.  Records show there was only one Colorado territorial militiaman present at Sand Creek.”

The “Sand Creek Massacre Background Booklets,” #1 and #2 each contain an introduction, alphabetical rolls of the regiment and alphabetical rolls of the regiment sorted by company and bibliographies.  The booklets are printed by Kiowa County Press, as Plains Printing, Inc., 1208 Maine St., P.O. Box 248, Eads, Colorado 81036,  Copies are through Campbell at P.O. Bo x 262, Eads Colorado 81036  He notes on the cover and the title page that, “25% of the net proceeds from the sale of this booklet will be donated to the National Park Foundation, Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site Fund and 25% net proceeds will be donated to the Kiowa County Historic Preservation Fund through the Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation.” 

Campbell has been a member of local historical commissions in Texas and an active member of the Texas Historical Association as well as holding memberships in the New Mexico and Colorado Historical Societies.  Additionally he is an active member of the Western Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America, Panhandle Professional Writers and Academy of American Poets.  He has been a requested speaker for writers in Colorado, NM and Texas and has been a writer on contract and a consultant on historical fiction, true-crime, service manuals and mysteries.

An author of three books, and 30 years of writing as a contributor and as a free-lancer, he is planning a non-fiction primary source history of Sand Creek and the events that lead up to November 1864, which will also serve as a guide to archival and library materials, concerning the pivotal clash between U. S. troops and Native Americans in Colorado. 

Jeff C. Campbell’s Treasure of the Soul (Tesoro de Alma), a mystery set along the border in Southwest New Mexico is available through the “bookstore” at Xlibris.com, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com and other on-line booksellers in hardbound or trade paperback editions.  The story involves ranchers, cops, smugglers, vendettas, homicides, a raft of local characters and a story of treasure with historical roots in the wild days of Tombstone.  5-Star reviews on Amazon.  The first in a series.  Copies also available through the Artists of the Plains or through bookstore order desks.


Complete titles:


Sand Creek Massacre, Background Booklet #1

1st Regiment Cavalry, Colorado Volunteers, [United States Army Volunteers, U. S. V.]

Aka: 1st Colorado Cavalry, 1st Cavalry of Colorado, November 1862 – November 1865

Compiled, Written and Published by Jeff C. Campbell, © 2002 – 2006

(Booklet #1 in a series, 1st edition, May 2006)


Sand Creek Massacre Background Booklet #2

3rd Regiment Cavalry, Colorado Volunteers, [U. S. Army Volunteers, 100 days regiment]

August 11 to December 29, 1864

Aka: 3rd Colorado Cavalry, 3rd Cavalry of Colorado,

Compiled, Written and Published by Jeff C. Campbell, © 2002 - 2006

(Booklet #2 in a series, 1st edition, May 2006)


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